Structural Steel Pipe

structural steel pipe

Precision Pipe’s inventory of steel pipe ranges in diameter from 2” to 48” with larger sizes made to order. This inventory is available in varying lengths, wall thicknesses and grades. If you order structural pipe with definite specifications and lengths, Precision Pipe will deliver as promised. Call 205-327-8171 now to order.

Boring and Jacking Steel Pipe

Precision Pipe understands the needs of the boring and jacking contractor. We fabricate to dead 10-, 20- and 40-foot lengths. We do fabricate special lengths upon request. This avoids the need for cutting and welding on the job site, which saves time and money. We will load and deliver the correct material based on customer supplied specifications.

Directional Boring Steel Pipe

Precision Pipe is an experienced supplier of structural steel for utility pipelines and conduits.

Open Cut Casing

Precision Pipe fabricates and ships the exact footage for open cut casing and carrier pipe applications. Fabricating structural casing pipe to exact lengths reduces time and scrap loss for the contractor. Name your open cut specifications and we will deliver as promised.


INFRASTEEL® is a permanent carbon steel slip liner culvert rehabilitation system. InfraSteel liners maximize hydraulic flow capacity and structural integrity.

Foundation Pipe

Precision Pipe is a leading supplier of structural pipe for foundation applications. We will meet any caisson and pile structural pipe order specifications. You can expect the pipe to be cut in lengths as specified.

Tower and Sign Post Steel Pipe

Precision Pipe has been supplying sign and tower structural pipe for over a decade. Let us know Pipe Specifications and we will cut, load and deliver the pipe when needed..

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